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Great Reads in HR #28

This week’s top picks features a must read whitepaper on workforce planning in Singapore, the trends in talent management all HR managers need to know and an analysis of Asia’s (antiquated) workforce planning efforts.

  1. HR managers, do you need to justify your department’s headcount and costs? Check out this article for more data to help you in your budget preparation.
  2. ‘When you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Are organisations in Asia being too optimistic about their workforce planning efforts? It’s time to cut the dependence on spreadsheets and move towards Talent Analytics.
  3. How do organisations in Singapore carry out their workforce planning initiatives? Find out what are their topmost workforce concerns and how Singapore matches up with the rest of Asia.
  4. Get a clear view of your future priorities. Keep updated with the 6 trends in talent management you simply can’t ignore.
  5. High performance? High potential? What’s the difference between these two types of employees? Find out here and also learn the five dos and don’ts of managing high potential employees.